An hour outside of Twin Falls, Idaho into the South Hills hides a well-known spot to
humans and a little fast-flying friend. A setting surrounded by trees crowded with
benches and feeders, one can sit and easily admire the dozens of hummingbirds that
stop there to fuel up with the sweet addicting sugar water. 


This spot is easy to access for anyone on the look for a spontaneous adventure. Take
Rogerson Road, a dirt road across from Magic Mountain Ski Resort, and travel up the
windy mountain route for several miles. We decided to make our way up there on a
couple of dirt bikes and a 4-wheeler to make our expedition more exciting.
Keep your eyes out on the left-hand side of the road for a cute fence and a sign that
says “Home of the Hummingbirds”. 


That spot is a new favorite for me. Sitting and feeling the rushing of air as a
hummingbird soars past you to get to its favorite refreshing drink was exhilarating.
Below are some of the shots that I took from my Canon 5D Mark iv with my telephoto
lens 70-300mm. Capturing a picture of these little guys was very difficult but also very
fun because I love a good challenge.


My settings were at 1/500 sec at f / 5.6 at ISO 3200.



The feeders are located in between the trees making the area dark. Therefore, I had
to use a high ISO. If I went back I would try to decrease my ISO to around 1600
hopefully, that would get rid of some of the noise that resulted in my pictures.


Happy shooting! 

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