It was a very spur of the moment road trip (which is very like us). We had only
planned this trip two days before we left. But surprisingly we were ready. On our way
from Arizona back home to Utah, we had a very well laid out map with many different
landmarks and destinations to stop and see on our way!


The adventure began late Saturday afternoon. I flew into the Pheonix airport, from
there I was greeted by my cute boyfriend and our sweet new ride.





With a three-hour drive ahead of us and multiple different pit stops, we fueled up on
some In-and-Out and quickly got on the road. Our first stop was Arcosanti, an urban
development built-in 1970 by architect Paolo Soleri. Unfortunately, we were half an
hour late to their closing time of five pm. Although we still managed to peek around
the building. This building is such a hidden gem in the Arizona desert, and honestly a
must-see for anyone interested in architectural design. Soleri’s creation was a
beautiful representation of a compact urban design.


We then detoured from the interstate seventeen to drive through the cute town of
Jerome, which was something I was dying to see. The previous summer Blake and his
mom drove from Prescott through Jerome to Sedona. And he describes the town of
Jerome as if it was built like Italy, which made me excited that we were taking the
scenic route.

Jerome- Ghost Town

Jerome is supposedly one of the biggest Ghost Towns in America. Which only added
more to my excitement for going there. The original town sits about a half-mile
outside of the main road in Jerome and is a must-see. The city highlights this unique
historical aspect by offering many Ghost Tours.


Next up Sedona!

That night we arrived late at The Views Inn at Sedona, which was a super cute
budget-friendly inn with great staff and breathtaking views. We arrived just after
sundown but got to wake up to the views of the surrounding mountains seen right
from our hotel window! The manager surprisingly unlocked the pool for us even
though we had arrived after it was closed. And let me tell you, it was nice soaking in
that cold pool to cool off from the Arizona heat. 
The next morning we woke up early to try a local coffee shop and get back on the road!
On our way to the coffee shop, we made a stop at the Chapel of the Holy Cross.
A beautiful place for worship built into the surrounding red rock.

For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him, all things hold together. -Colossians 1:16-17

After that excursion, we got back on our road trip itinerary saying goodbye to Sedona
and driving past Slide Rock on our way up to Flagstaff. In Flagstaff, we stopped to get
gas and some food, since we skipped breakfast and only shared a muffin we were
both starving! And we were both craving sandwiches. Propper Meats + Provisions was 
one of the top places in Flagstaff offering gourmet sandwiches with high-quality 
protein options. I wish we had taken a picture before we devoured our pastrami and 
pulled pork sandwich. But believe me when I say they were delicious. 


Four Corners

That was when we hit the longest driving part of our trip. We had to drive through the Navajo Nation to
get to Four Corners national monument, and due to the Coronavirus, everything on the reservation was
shut down. We didn’t even think that would include the Four Corners monument until we made the
four-hour drive out there. And instead of being able to say we have stood on four different states at one
time, we get to say we were close. We got to stand outside the gate that had a huge sign that said closed.
Nevertheless, driving on the Navajo Nation territory was beautiful and we now have a funny story to
tell our friends and family!

Lowry Pueblo

We then headed up to the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, specifically
Lowry Pueblo. This site has a huge still standing pueblo one that you can even go
inside! Because there was a huge rainstorm when we were driving up to the
landmark, we were lucky enough to be the only people there, only adding to our
experience when walking around the structure.
That night we drove through Colorado and back into Utah to end our night at the
Grist Mill Inn. An Inn that offers a hodgepodge of rooms and is connected by two old
silos. The silos are a bar and restaurant, a perfect place for a bite to eat and a beer
after a long day of traveling.


Newspaper Rock

The next morning we decided to sleep in and enjoy the last bits of our vacation. That
day the plan was to head back to Utah with only a couple stops on the way. Newspaper
Rock was just a little way out from Moab and a quick stop too. Newspaper Rock is this
huge petroglyph carved onto the face of a rock and easily accessible to everyone.  The
name is derived from various etchings carved throughout the past thousand years.  Due
to the seemingly incoherent markings, it was thought that this was used as a graffiti
wall for the ancients. 

Hole ‘N’ the Rock

Another easily accessible place is Hole ‘N’ the Rock. Right off the road is a place that
has many different bizarre attributes. One of them being a house built into the side of
a mountain! Crazy right? Many other things add to this unbelievable place, and I
highly recommend taking the tour.
My parents use to take my siblings and me all around the surrounding states visiting
different ghost towns, geocaching and traveling up and down Route 66. Road trips
have always been apart of my life and always will be.


Our Arizona and Utah road trip came to end a couple of weeks ago and I am already
looking forward to my next adventure. Thank you Blake for this amazing one!



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