On the outskirts of Layton, hidden behind a small neighborhood, lies a sanctuary for many different local species; the ideal spot for families and friends looking for a quick chance to get out into nature!

Driving up to this concealed location, I can see far out into the distance something popping out from the landscape; in stark contrast to the flat stretched out wetlands stands beautifully constructed towers.

Once getting there, I begin down a wooden trail passing aged cattails as I walk toward the first of the two structures. As I approach my first destination, I hear a loud buzzing sound coming from dragonflies flying across the path, landing on the thick moss that covers the water surrounding the visitor center.

Even though the building is a separate entity from the terrain, the open air and the wooden beams help to connect visitors to the natural ecosystem around them. The beginning of the loop starts on either end of the visitor center heading out in opposite directions. I moved slowly west, not wanting to leave the cool shade that the pavilion created but desperately wanting to find out what the tall formation in the distance could be.

I wander along the tall grassed enclosed footway listening to the thrumming of bullfrogs, completely erasing the hustling city only a few miles away. Kids whiz past me, trying desperately to get to the “castle” in the distance, awaking creatures hiding in the foliage as they ran into the distance.


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